Religious Education

Next to the celebration of the Mass and the sacraments, the single most important responsibility we have as a parish is to provide opportunities for parishioners of all ages to deepen their understanding of the Catholic faith. Here at Holy Apostles, we take very seriously our responsibility to offer the very best School of Religion possible.

Classes begin:  the week of September 24 for Grades 1-5 and the week of October 1 for Grades 6-8

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FIRST COMMUNION: Our School of Religion offers a two year program to prepare children to receive their First Eucharist (Communion) in the second grade.  First Communion Day at Holy Apostles is usually the first Saturday in May.  Margaret Simms is the coordinator of our First Communion Classes.  Any adult who wishes to receive their First Communion should contact the Parish Office for more information.

First Communion Teachers:  Mrs. Lori Kirch, Ms. Allison Kirch, Mrs. Elizabeth Connallon, Mrs. Ana Hanley, Mrs. Elaine Altrui, Ms. Brandie Cambio, Mrs. Kim Laurelli, Mrs. Carolyn Picano, Mrs. Dianne Gibree

 First Communion Song: Click here

CONFIRMATION:  At Holy Apostles we offer a two year program of preparation referred to as Confirmation I and Confirmation II.  Generally this corresponds to the first two years of High School.  Successful  completion of the primary and middle school grades in our School of  Religion is a prerequisite to enter the Confirmation Program.  Mrs. Peggy Simms is the coordinator of our Confirmation Program for teens, who typically are Confirmed in the Spring of their 10th Grade.  Any adult who wishes to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation should contact the Parish Office for more information. 

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