Teens on a Mission

The teens will leave Providence on Saturday, June 25th  arriving in Montego Bay that afternoon. Once they are settled and have met the children, they will contact us and we’ll share that information with you.  Please visit the website Monday morning, June 27th.

All accounted for and ready to travel!

They have safely landed!


After a few problems with "immigration", we all made it through 100%.  Kevin, our director, was waiting and we arrived at Blessed Assurance at 4:00 PM to many open arms.  We're settling in and looking forward to our week.

We were up at 6:00 AM, eat a great breakfast, and then went to the Montego Bay Cathedral for Mass with the Bishop.  The highlight was Mark joining the choir and led "There's a presence." 

We felt like we were at home with Mark in the choir!

 Day 3:

Our day began at 6:00 am walking the children, praying devotions and feeding the non-mobile children.  It's amazing how quickly our teens have become part of the mission community.  Everyone is well - keep praying!

Day 4

Last night, we revealed our prayer partners, one person in the group we have been praying for since January.  We talked about love, prayer and trust as necessary parts of our faith journey.  This morning, we gathered for devotions, spent time with the children and are now used to feeding.  Today's projects include painting wall crosses to go over each bed, painting our dorm and designing 2 wall murals.

Happy Birthday to Mark!

We are fantastic - continue your prayers. 

Day 5

This morning we spread some "Yankee" spirit.  Today we are featuring our daily morning devotions in the chapel and transporting the kids around campus - they love the rides.  Today's projects include wall murals, tie-dye shirts and painting.  We are half way through and loving life here.


 Day 6

Sorry for the delay but we waited for our return from our beach day to write the blog.

Last night we shared a great meal out at an outdoor restaurant in Montego Bay.

When we returned we shared a powerful reflection receiving PALANCA, or notes of support and encouragement from those who love and support us.  The group was truly moved as we realize how many people God places in our lives as faith witnesses.

Day 7

Two beautiful highlights of our mission journey are evening reflections and morning devotions.  Today Holy Apostles led the morning devotions and our teens actually sang!  It's tie-dye day here and we have several fun activities planned for today including pizza lunch, ice cream party and our musical talent show.  Please continue to pray for us as it will be very difficult leaving our new friends.  Our teens have been amazing!    PS  Mike and Matt now have corn rows!